Welcome to the Astrarium!

Traditionally, an Astrarium is a place or tool for observing and tracking celestial movements across the heavens. The word Astrarium is derived from the Latin root “astrum” meaning stars, which happens to also be the same root as the word “astral”. The Astral is a broad term (varying upon a tradition’s definition), basically referring to the non-physical counterpart of physical reality. In mysticism it is believed that everything that is physical is a creation based upon a blue-print within the Astral. The mystic believes that by effecting the Astral, one affects reality within the physical – whether it be through prayer, meditation, positive thinking, ceremony or direct astral projection.

My concept of the Astrarium is that this is a place for observing, pondering and musing the Astral – the non-physical aspect of reality and its relationship to the physical world. It is our hope that the Astrarium will be a tool to help empower people to begin responsibly wielding a new dream for the planet and to begin manifesting a higher blueprint.




Mat Auryn is a bibliophile, a mystic and an eternal seeker of the mysteries. Mat has always been drawn to the spiritual and metaphysical since a very early age and has explored various modalities of healing and occult philosophy. At eight years old Mat’s elementary school removed all books within their library remotely related to witchcraft and the occult due to his intense interest in the subject and trying to form a “coven” with other school children. Mat has always been sensitive to the presence of spirits and has been a lucid dreamer for his entire life. He began spontaneously astral projecting and having out-of-body experiences around the age of 20, leading to an exploration of how to control it. He enjoys witchery in the form of crafting magickal artisan candles and working with herbalism.


Mat considers himself a natural witch, in the sense that he’s always been drawn and called to witchcraft since childhood, whether practicing or not. Mat has an extreme affinity and connection to the Pleiades and the Pleiadian entities, whom he views as ultraterrestrial beings as opposed to the commonly viewed extraterrestrial beings. He is fascinated with the reverence of ancient cultures towards the Pleiades and the links between witch lore of the Grigori Watchers and that of the Pleiades star cluster.

As an amateur Jungian enthusiast, Mat considers himself somewhere between a soft-polytheist and a hard-polytheist – believing all deities are aspects of Great Spirit, however he views these aspects of deity to be their own individual personalities. This correlates to his belief that all people are a planetary being, united through a collective unconscious, yet aspected and incarnated as individual personalities.

Mat views Witchcraft as primarily (though not entirely) as an ever-evolving shamanistic practice; the European equivalent of traditions and customs of medicine people around the world, with the traditional cunning-folk holding similar roles of assistance within the community as the tribal shamans of other cultures. Both hold parallel beliefs about the sacredness of connection to nature, moving through different realities and communicating and creating partnerships with spirits and deities.

Mat works closely with his spirit guide, Noctua, who appears in the various forms of a barn owl, a black cat or a combination of the two such as a winged cat and an owl-like griffin. Through Noctua, Mat has received both unverified gnosis and confirmed gnosis which has shaped his spiritual path and experiences.

In 2008, Mat studied under Kumi Ritchey and underwent  all the training and attunements of Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai, the lineage of Reiki founded and traced directly to Mikao Usui, as a certified reiki master. Mat was then invited to receive the Medicine Buddha Initiation, an oral transmission of the Buddha-King of Lapis Lazuli Light’s mantra, empowerment and blessing, by Tenzin Gyatso, the 14th Dalai Lama of Tibet.

During 2009, Mat underwent the Munay-Ki, a series of nine Empowerment rites based on the initiatory practices of the Q’ero shamans of Peru, as taught by anthropologist Alberto Villoldo. These rites along with shamanistic training were gifted by Isabella Stoloff.

Mat is currently an Honored Member of the Temple of Witchcraft in New Hampshire, co-founded by Christopher Penczak; and a student within it’s 5 year long Mystery School under the guidance and apprenticeship of High Priestess SilverMoone Lyons.

Mat has also privately practiced various modalities such as the Tarot for over a decade. He has also studied and practiced the extensive lightworker techniques and meditations of Sanaya Roman as well as the healing ability of Quantum Touch and crystal therapy.