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These are my methods of centering, grounding and shielding that I’ve received from Noctua. They are very similar to traditional methods – however they incorporate the 12 chakra system. Through experimentation I have found that these methods are much more powerful for me than the previous methods I have used. I offer this in hopes that others will resonate with it and will find it just as beneficial and powerful as I have. I have added a “recommended reading” list at the bottom of this page of great energy-work books that I feel may assist anyone who wants to further their study of energy work – these books have different techniques that one may resonate with stronger than this. We are all unique and resonate with different methods.

Throughout daily activities is normal for one to scatter energy constantly, leaving pieces of yourselves with different people, places, times and situations. Learning to center this energy back into your own energetic system will help strengthen your auric field and ensure a better flowing of energy. Centering is an act of reclaiming your own energy for the purpose of energetic wholeness. It is important to keep your energy flowing appropriately and well-balanced throughout your daily lives and vital for when you are meditating and performing energy work.


  1. To center yourself stand or sit.
  2. Relax deeply
  3. Focus on your lunar chakra – and focus on it as if it was an energetic magnet collecting any scattered energy that you have left in far removed situations including past lives, other dimensions and other time-lines.
  4. Visualize your lunar chakra is glowing brighter and brighter as your reclaimed pieces of light begin to merge with it.
  5. See a funnel of light beginning to form from it and surrounding you like a spot-light.
  6. Feel how the sparks of light begin to glide down softly like snow around you from above within this cone of light.
  7. Focus upon your breath – exhaling any energy of others that you have taken on and inhaling the light of your energy which is being returned to you.
  8. This light collects at your heart chakra and like a bellow at a fireplace – every inhalation causes the heart chakra to glow brighter and brighter – slowly centering all your energy back to your heart.
  9. Take a few moments to feel the difference in your state of consciousness and your emotions.

When you have centered your energy with your heart chakra using your eighth chakra, it is important to make sure that you are well grounded. Just as an electrical ground is used to ensure that dangerous voltage is prevented in devices to prevent electrocution, it is important to ground yourself energetically so that you are not taking on more energy than you can handle. This also ensures that you do not get “carried away”, become emotionally overloaded and that you still have a home-base in this density to keep in touch with. It is recommended that you perform this energetic technique throughout your day when you feel overwhelmed, or out of control of yourself and especially before engaging in energy work.


  1. Relax deeply
  2. Visualize that you are becoming a tree. Focus upon how solid, strong and firm you feel as you draw down energy from your root chakra into the earth like brilliant green glowing roots of a tree.
  3. The green roots dig deep into the Earth wrapping firmly around the crystal core of the Earth, solid and secure.
  4. Above your head you feel branches sprouting out with vibrant leaves. The branches wrap around your lunar chakra much like your roots did around the crystalline core of the Earth Mother. The lunar chakra ensures that all higher energy being received is filtered and funneled so that you are only receiving what you can handle.
  5. Feel your energy flowing from the lunar chakra down through your body into the crystalline core of the Earth Mother creating a nice grounded conduit.
  6. Feel the celestial love of the higher realms and your Higher Self as this energy comes through you.
  7. The Earth Mother is a strong being who can handle any energy given to her directly to her core. Focus your intention that any energy given to her will be transmuted for the purpose of planetary healing and growth.
  8. At the same time draw up her love from your roots.
  9. Feel this energy completely balanced half way to your heart, where you’ve already centered.
  10. Envision a red beam of light shooting from your root chakra down to your Earth Chakra.
  11. Visualize the two chakras energetically locking as if you were a magnet and the Earth Chakra was a strong metal.
  12. Visualize the connection of the two chakras changing from a red to bronze color.
  13. Feel the circuit you’ve created between your higher chakras and the consciousness of the planet herself.
  14. Feel your connection with the physical Earth plane of reality.
  15. Feel how grounded, receptive and centered you feel.
  16. Visualize a rainbow aura emanating from the heart and surrounding you, this is the beginning of constructing your rainbow body

Through this process you are also learning the beginning steps of shapeshifting – by starting as one of the grandest beings upon your planet – the tree. After you feel sufficiently centered and grounded, it is important to begin shielding yourself to ensure that your energy flow is undisturbed by external forces. Shielding is also crucial to ensure that your energy does not escape so that centering does not need to reoccur during your energy work session.


  1. Relax Deeply
  2. Visualize your auric field, vibrant and pulsing with rainbow energy.
  3. From your solar chakra you begin drawing down golden energy through your central channel where this energy begins to pulse out through your chakras.
  4. This energy begins to meld with your auric field and begins strengthening it and enhancing the brilliance of the rainbow spectrum within your aura.
  5. Focus on your lunar chakra and visualize it sending out a silver light that begins swirling down around your body like a pillar – just outside of your auric field.
  6. This energy begins solidifying and becoming facet-like as if you are in a giant brilliant silver and white crystal or diamond – that is perfectly cut.
  7. Each facet of this energy shield becomes mirror-like, reflecting and deflecting any external energy that comes your way and preventing any of your energy from escaping.
  8. State your intent to be shielded from any external energies that are not of the highest intention.
  9. Take a moment to feel your protection. Re-affirm your psychic and energetic boundaries.
  10. Any excess energy can only be grounded via your roots into the Earth Mother.

Recommended Reading

Mat Walker

Mat Walker is a mystic, activist, and an eternal seeker of the mysteries. Mat has always been drawn to the spiritual and metaphysical since a very early age and has explored various modalities of healing and self-help ranging from spending time with Earth-based Religions to obtaining Reiki attunements to the Munay Ki shamanic rites of initiation to receiving the Medicine Buddha Initiation from the Dalai Lama. Along with receiving information from his guides, Mat has been having journeys within the Astral Realms over the years, where he has gained new experiences and knowledge upon his path of spirituality.


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