Your Heart Is A Compass


The heart is your inner compass. It is the navigational guide which steers you into the constant flickering of endless probable realities. When the heart and mind are united with the body, you have the formula for traveling through timelines consciously – which may also be simply referred to as manifesting your desired outcomes. Heartbreak occurs when the heart and mind is out of alignment with time. What this means is that there is a discrepancy with the past and the present and usually a fear of the future – as felt through your heart. Your mind is not understanding the levels of love energy coming to and from the heart in relation to the energies that came to and from it in the past. Heartbreak is often the result of soul-contracts being fulfilled in a manner that is offering you a chance to move forward in growth. It is your Higher Self trying to remind you to focus on your energy in a different way.

Humanity is the composition of more emotional range than any other physical beings in the Universe. Your ancient ancestors when they seeded humanity gave their DNA to you. Each civilization who donated their DNA gave a specific frequency of their range of emotions. Since humanity was crafted as a huge collaboration experiment, you have the widest range of emotion not felt by other physical beings. It is for this reason that you are viewed in awe by other beings whose emotional spectrum is not nearly as vast – it is also for this reason that you – as a species are so powerful when you are plugged back into the fullness of your being and this is why forces have steered you so far from emotions, frequency wise. Because it is through emotions that you know who you are as energetic beings – once again, your heart is your inner compass.

To mend the feelings of heart break you feel it is advised to honor those feelings and try to come into alignment with the “now” moment of your power. You are receiving constant streams of unconditional love constantly from many sources, but your focus is on a particular stream which you feel is not fulfilling its love the way it should be.

Selfless love has no obligations of another, yet it also honors that union of love. Think of the timelines and love energy as a spine – heart break is when there is a disc that has slipped out of place – causing the main alignment to not flow energy in the present as well as it may have been in the past. To get this disc into alignment is to focus upon the love that is around you now. It is through this love that you will come back into alignment. That previous love fountain may start flowing again to you from the source you are attached to in the past.

However, it may also be time to step forward and realize the love from other sources all around. Putting yourself in the vibration of love can only manifest more love into your reality. Your present reality is like throwing a stone into the water. With focused concentration while upon your thrown of empowerment, this sends ripples out that grow more and more until they become massive waves. If you are not conscious of your constant moment of power and emotional being within the “now”, then you are throwing stones out unconsciously that may come back to your probable reality and drown you or swallow you into the undertow. Your constant focus on the love energy now, switches the alignment of future timelines that you are constantly flickering through in an act of unconscious navigation. If heart break is the problem, it is time to realize how you are navigating yourself through reality. All attachment takes you out of the “now” of empowerment. Honor the past but do not live in it. Focus on the love being freely poured around you, not the love you feel you are lacking.

I understand that this is difficult for you, as you are beings of vast emotion. Emotional disturbance are very disorienting and debilitating for you. But you must realize that it is through darkness that you are able to define your own light. It is through being thrown off the ship that you learn to swim or you drown. The life you are manifesting is in your control. You cannot control others and it is not your job.

You are always deeply loved, you just need to look around. Any feelings of being overwhelmed or powerless to your situation is to show lack in your own faith to be the creator of your own life. You are magnificent! When you come to terms with this you send out the ripple that draws magnificence around you. Attachment to any emotional state in the past only limits the fields of probability that are constantly gyrating around you.Allow yourself to feel whatever emotions that you need to. Allow yourself catharsis. Do not deny what makes you uniquely human. But do not allow it to enslave your being.

When birds build a nest they seek out the most suitable material with love and enthusiasm. To manifest the most effective change you need to be aware of the nest you build around yourself. Your nesting material consists of your dreams, your hopes, your fears, your emotions, your interactions with people, your beliefs of reality and your vibrational intake on every level. You are constantly collecting these things whether you realize it or not. By consciously building a beautiful nest that resonates with your desires – you design the cradle for the reality you wish to birth. This does not mean not to look at the darkness within your world and its dangers. It means waking up and paying attention so that it can help tune you into shifting realities as a species.

Your nest is your creation zone and is subtly imprinted around your energetic body where you are constantly collecting and discarding various frequencies. When you become conscious of this, you can begin building the most suitable nest for whatever reality you wish to birth for yourself and the world. However, just like the physical birds’ nest, it will need constant sanitation, protection and maintenance. The best nests are always made with love and enthusiastic work. Be conscious of the energetic nest you are always creating in the “now” moment, because that is the future that you are birthing.

Being clear of what emotional state you wish to be within is very important to your personal evolution. When you desire to be happy, loving, free, compassionate and peaceful you will be assisted when you reach out. Ask Spirit to assist you in coming towards these states. Go within and ask for help from your Higher Self. You are surrounded by a multitude of guides; beings who wish to uplift you whenever possible, but you must ask. These beings are not here to do the work for you, but to assist when you make a request with your free will. Be conscious throughout the day of your reactions to people and events within your life. Think back to incidents where you did not act with the highest emotional integrity and think about how you could’ve handled it in a more positive manner. Being conscious of your emotional state trains you to be an ambassador of the light.

Your Heart Chakra is a midway station that translates the energetic information you are receiving from all of your chakras. There are three chakras below it and three chakras above it in your personal chakra system and these chakras are all connected via your central channel of your Sushumna and the polar energy channels of your Ida and Pingala. While it may seem logical that information is best perceived in your higher chakras that are near your head – the heart is the chakra which translates information from physical to emotional and psychic and vice versa. It is this translation process which makes sense of energies that your body and mind cannot fully comprehend. That is because energy is understood the best through feeling – everything else is a translation of feeling into these higher and lower chakras. If you want to know what is going on with yourself, a situation or information you need only go inward and feel your heart. The heart doesn’t just feel – it knows. To know, you must feel. This is finding your own truth. This is why it is recommended that you constantly center yourself in your heart chakra.

Likewise, the next midway station in your trans-personal chakra system would be your Solar Chakra which is why there is a strong emphasis on aligning with your Higher Self, since the Solar Chakra is connected to this aspect of yourself. The Solar Chakra has two cosmic chakras (Universal and Galactic) above it and two resident chakras beneath it (Lunar and Planetary). The Solar Chakra translates information from higher and lower realms just as your Solar Deity Sol transmits and receives vast amounts of information from cosmic regions and transmits them to your planet while recording information about your planet and sending it out into the cosmos. Likewise, your Higher Self is the midway station between the universal mind of Great Spirit and your individual perception of self as a singular soul upon your planet.

Though many teachings have referred to another chakra above your heart and call it your “Higher Heart”, perhaps you should consider that perhaps your Solar Chakra is your Higher Heart. Perhaps your Higher Heart is your Higher Self. Perhaps there’s lost meaning behind what is now seen as “Sun Worship” by the ancients, and why those who sun-gaze properly receive great benefits. Your Sun is a the perfect symbol of the Heart Chakra in perfect balance and health. It gives its light freely without asking for anything in return. It gives your whole planet life. It is the most brilliant source of natural light that you currently experience and interact with in this time on a personal daily basis.

Just as your Sun does not give light with expectations or selfish motivations, so it is with the heart when it is balanced and healthy. Your Sun knows that there is no lack of light to share, thus it shares freely of itself. So it is with all pure heart. The energy of light has always been information and love. These three concepts are one, a holy trinity of truth.

Remembering your true nature is all about tapping into your divine imagination. As spoken of previously, there is an essence within you which is called “the inner child” and as mentioned this part of your self is in full charge of your imagination and is the part of yourself which is the most connected with the Higher Self.  The inner child is the most connected to the Higher Self because it does not place limitations on things as much – as it is the most un-influenced part of the self in regards to its concept of reality. The inner child is the most in touch with their full range of perceptions. This is why it is vital to nourish your inner child and work through your shadow issues so that you may liberate it further.

Your Higher Self exists in a state beyond linear time or dimensional restrictions. These two concepts of time and dimension apply only to those who are playing a role within the lower densities which humans are also a part of – as it is a necessary for the experience of your soul while upon your planet. The concept of time’s illusion is hard to express to beings who are trapped within it. One must understand that past, future, and a perception of the present based upon these two are all illusions. Time, like parallel realities, is much like an ocean which ripples in different ways based upon how you touch it. Those ripples affect your concept of now. Your concept of now helps you wield the manifestation of the future. The great paradox for you is that time can only be affected with being within the now moment, but to manifest the now you must tap into the future and past. This is why the energetic nest is crucial as a home base.

One aligns themselves with their Higher Self when one begins to redefine themselves through pulling on the resources of parallel selves of other realities within the present and integrating these aspects of self into a whole sense of self based on how you wish to define yourself. One integrates desirable traits of their parallel lives by working with the timelines of the ‘past’ to define the present. When the present is defined and desirable then the future becomes malleable. This is the art of self-creation in its fullest and of stepping into your personal power by not allowing anything else to have power over you.

When one aligns with their Higher Self they begin the process of ascension through density, as the Higher Self is the first major anchor point of this path. This is done through time travel balanced with planetary consciousness. Time travel is only possible with the use of the divine imagination. All parallel selves have different pasts which affect different outcomes in the concept of the ‘now’.  The past defines a person in a positive or negative manner based upon how they react to situations and how they’ve allowed situations to mold them. This doesn’t mean to be ignorant or in denial of the past but rather to re-explore it to change how these experiences have affected you in regards to your present beliefs and definition of self and then integrating these new sets of traits by aligning with parallel versions of your self that exist in different realities and by visiting desirable outcomes of self and world. By acquiring the desirable pieces of self you begin to affect your other parallel selves in a positive way.

However, if the desire is not set on navigating the timelines with a desire to heal your heart for the purpose of self-growth and the raising of others – you will reap what you sow and this will direct the outcome of the future’s manifestation. The focus upon personal success and worldly desires will lock you into a very limited reality. The inner self is a child and children can tend to be short-sighted about consequences. If your intention is for personal achievement and not for uplifting the greater whole then ascension will not be achieved – as this furthers you from global consciousness which is the next evolutionary leap in your path of ascension. The personal dream should be focused upon as well as the collective dream – as they are two components of a whole.

Your energetic ascension is paralleled with how you much you begin to align with your higher chakras and get them into a healthy balance. The Higher Self is accessed through your solar chakra, but it cannot be fully accessed until you have balanced your lunar chakra dealing with parallel selves and concepts and navigation of time. And this cannot outweigh your soul-star chakra of planetary consciousness. All the chakras are needed to work in balance to keep the spiral of ascension open and each chakra is elevated based upon the frequency of the chakra below it.

As you being operating from your heart center more it is natural for the next progression of alignment is to begin fine-tuning the alignment of your throat chakra. Each chakra is most effected by the harmonic of the chakra above and below it. When your heart center opens more you may find yourself (and it is encouraged) to begin speaking out against the darkness and having your interactions and conversations with others to be more love oriented. You will begin to see the power of your voice and of self-expression. The throat chakra in alignment with the heart chakra in alignment with the solar plexus chakra and so on fuels each other as you begin bringing yourself into balance again. This means that the use of the throat chakra will help you to align better with your third eye chakra.

After having a will (solar plexus chakra) that is in resonance with your feelings (heart chakras) you will begin to see the the power of your selection of words and interactions with others. Sound is the first energy perceived beyond the body. In the beginning was Great Spirit and Great Spirit was the Word and the Word was Great Spirit. That word was love and love is the vibration which forms reality in various degrees of density. Be very conscious of your words as energy. Speak out against darkness with the intention of transmuting it into light. Share your higher vision for humanity. Speak your truth. Speak with integrity. Speak with love.


Noctua is an Higher-Dimensional Animal Spirit Guide that takes the form of a barn owl. Mat met her in meditation, where she first made herself known. Shortly after she began to wake Mat from his sleep and take him on journeys of purification and healing outside of his body. As the relationship developed she has asked Mat to share information with others. Her messages are a collaboration in the sense that it’s her inspiration and insight but that Mat has to give them voice. It’s more of a merging of both identities without losing either of them in the process – as happens with traditional channeling.


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